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Enhanced Web Editor

Speed-up web development with EnWeb an easy to use yet powerful HTML and CSS source code editor for Windows. The editor is perfect for anyone looking for clean, uncomplicated software for their web development needs. In terms of look and feel, the pages created using EnWeb are as impressive as anything created using more complex web design tools.

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Built-in components

The editor comes with its own collection of additional built-in scripting components that do the work of dozens of HTML and CSS statements. These components can be used within your HTML source code to increase productivity and speed up the process of web development.

Code generator dialogs

Code faster with a number of useful dialogs (dialog boxes) that allow you to display text and images, include Hypertext links, play video files, display tables, use forms within your web page and much more. Please see the EnWeb editor's help file for more information.

Library files

You can include library files directly within your programs rather than copying and pasting code from other pages. It is also possible to save sections of code as library files by simply highlighting your text and clicking on the Save Selection from the editor's File menu.

Project folders

The editor allows you to create your own project directories which are defined with the use of the editor's New Project folder dialog. This dialog also allows you to include additional sub directories within the main project folder such as Document, Image, Sound, and JavaScript.

Editing files

If you want to edit an external style sheet or document file used within a specific web page or web site simply place the text cursor on the code that contains the file and press the Ctrl+E keys

Multi documents

The multi document interface allows you to keep a number of files open at the same time using the EnWeb editor's horizontal tabs, this allows the user to work on several project documents at the same time.

Block editing

You can not only cut copy and paste sections of code within the editor, you can also edit highlighted text using a number of ways such as adding or removing comments, converting text to upper of lower case and save sections of code as library files.

System colors

It is possible to modify the editor's syntax and system colors such as text, background, gutter and line numbers. The editor also comes with its own collection of ready to use system colors and also allows you to save your own themes.

Editor preferences

Using the preferences dialog will give you more control over the way EnWeb editor performs. This dialog allows you to customize various aspects of the editor such as Display toolbar tips, Verify delete files and Backup files when saving programs.

Library manager

The built-in Library manager can be use for editing and managing all your library code files, features include Open files, Save files and Print code. You can also use the library manager to edit plain text document files.

Multiple browsers

The Enweb website builder allows you to view your pages using multiple browsers, including Microsoft edge, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera with the use of the Create Web page dialog.

Finding text

The find dialog allows the user to search for a particular word or phrase within there source code. It is also possible to select the Match case checkbox if you want your search to be case-sensitive.

Printing text

To print text from within the program editor at any time simply select Print from the File menu. If you only want to print selected text from within the editor - first highlight your desired text and select Print Selection from the File menu.

Backup files

Automatically create a backup copy of your program when saving files to disk. If you find you have accidentally deleted a program click on File from the editors menu and select Restore backup. Then select a file from the list displayed within the Restore backup dialog.

Special characters

You can insert special characters and accented letters into your HTML code, such as the copyright symbol or a pound sign at any time with the use of the Special Characters dialog. This dialog can be activated from the editor's Include menu.