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Hints and tips

This page provides tips and suggestions to create and maintain your web pages using EnWeb editor. Here you can find advice on using document files, using comments within your programs, creating text animation routines, and more.

Quick view

You can use the (Ctrl+W) shortcut keys to create and view your current web page using your default browser at any time instead of selecting the Create Web Page option from the menu or toolbar.

Syntax highlighting

The Enweb editor uses syntax highlighting, which allows you to view your program source code in different colors. You can change the default colors by selecting Syntax Colors from the View menu.

Project files

For best results when using images or sound samples within your pages make sure that you store these files in the same directory on your remote site as they are stored on your computer.

Hypertext links

To ensure their validity, periodically check your web page Hypertext links using link checker software such as Xenu's Link Sleuth or Link Checker Pro. These programs analyze your web pages or website for broken links.

Using dialogs

You can add specific design elements within your web pages using built-in dialogs such as displaying images, creating hypertext links and including text document files. These dialogs can be activated from the editor's Format menu.

Library files

You can save sections of code within your programs at any time and create your own collection of library files rather than copying and pasting source code or text from different web pages

Converting text

The EnWeb editor has a number of options available that allow you to convert selected text such as adding or removing comments, convert to uppercase, capitalize and creating list items.